Modes of Production and Concepts of Determination

Introduction to the project, by Peter Hill and Juan Neves-Sarriegui

5 February 2019

(a) Modes of production

Henry Heller, The Birth of Capitalism: A 21st Century Perspective (London: Pluto, 2011). Introduction.

Cristobal Kay, ‘Reflections on the Latin American Contribution to Development Theory’, Development and Change, Vol. 22 (1991), 31-68.

Linda Nicholson, ‘Feminism and Marx: Integrating Feminism and the Economic’, originally ch. 6 of Gender and History (New York: Columbia UP, 1986). Original version here:

Eric Wolf, Europe and the People without History (Berkeley: U of California Press, 1982, reprints 1997 and 2010). Ch. 3 ‘Modes of Production’ (pp. 73-100) and Afterword (pp. 385-392).

(b) Determination; social being and social consciousness

E. P. Thompson, video of contribution to SSRC Seminar on Models of Social Change, 1977:

(This is a response to a paper by Marxist anthropologist Maurice Godelier. Other participants in the seminar include Ernest Gellner, Keith Hopkins, Raphael Samuels, Sally Humphreys, Maurice Bloch, Peter Burke.)

Raymond Williams, Marxism and Literature (Oxford: OUP, 1977). Section II, chs. 1, 2 and 3 (pp. 75-95).

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